I review only the best backpacks!

Hi, I’m a backpack enthusiast.  Yeah it sounds funny but I’ve always got one with me whether it be going to work, or hiking on the weekend.  It all started off in school, and then college and then work but I’ve always had a backpack close by.


What I cover on this website


On this site I’ll be reviewing backpacks for college



laptop backpacks

Laptop bags extra


messenger bags


Waterfield Designs Staad Laptop Backpack

travel backpacks

North Face Laptop Bags


I’ll also be covering cool backpacks and cute backpacks.

Some really great brands that I’ll review across this website are Osprey, Kelty and Timbuk2.  Some of the most popular models I’ve reviewed are the Timbuk2 Command and the Timbuk2 commute.  Most quality backpacks aren’t cheap and will cost at least $100.  That’s why I’ve got a timbuk2 coupon page so that you can hopefully save some money on your purchase.


What I don’t cover – survival backpacks


I go over so many different backpack categories that people think I’m a bit of an expert in all backpacks.  I get a lot of survivalists asking me about survival backpacks but I must admit, it’s something I don’t really know anything about.  I’m more into style than utilitarian function.  Survival backpacks are a real specialty and I’d hate to think I’ve recommended the wrong one so it’s one category that I’ll just leave alone.  If you want to know more about survival backpacks, check out this link – topsurvivalweapons.com/survival-backpack.  They’ll help you with everything you need to know.  The only way to truly know a product is to test it.  I’m not a survivalist and I’m not into survivalism so I wouldn’t know how to get out in the woods and test it out.  Sure, I go camping and hiking but that’s very different to needing something as a last resort which is what a backpack for survival is all about.