Cute backpacks

When it comes to being stylish, as well as a functional backpack, you need to have the best. However, finding them can be a real pain whether you are shopping for yourself or your child. This guide will help you to find the right type of backpack that will not only look cute, but it will give you types of options that you can use to search for one that you or you and your child will love. You can use backpacks to carry around your daily items, for traveling, and much more. It really depends on what you plan to do with this backpack on the type, style, and look. You should never have to abandon style in order to find something that is functional.

Things to consider


Selecting the right capacity size for your backpack can be a real tough one. You need to be able to carry what you consider essentials without going completely overboard. Having an oversized, ugly backpack that has lot of unneeded items, is just going to add weight to your back and shoulders and just keep you feeling sluggish. If you want something that has capacity, but looks great go for something similar to River Islands collection from Rihanna.


If you want something that is a bit smaller that looks great, but will hold the right amount of things that you need for your daily life then you need to really think about the size. You can find plenty of different sizes, you can certainly use the PETA friendly ASOS Backpack with Double buckle detail that looks like leather, has the right medium size and looks great as well.


If you want a backpack that looks great, but you are worried about how it fits, you can always go with a type of messenger bag or something that looks similar to a brief case. They all look great so if you are able to find something from Jansport that will work for you, then do so otherwise you can find items that are similar to Proenza Schouler Large Leather Backpack.

You are now able to forget everything that you remember about your old school days backpacks, cute backpacks are now available and they come in plenty of trendy fabrics, hues, and prints and have plenty of room that can carry everything that you need for your summer essentials or just for your daily life. These will have you looking great in no time at all.

The cutest backpacks

Sometimes having a cute backpack can really make all the difference when it comes down to having the right style for the summer or even school year. Not only will a backpack help you to carry everything that you need, but it will give you a chance to have something that will match your style, your wardrobe, and even how you feel. Having the right backpack can make a huge difference for the school year. It will have people wanting to be just like you with an amazing backpack, and an even better confidence booster that you can have year round.

Owl Print New Look Backpack

Owls are back in style and it doesn’t take much to really show off your owlish style with this great owl printed backpack that is under $50.

JanSport Super Break Multi backpacks

Sometimes hearts will really make your day, especially when you get a great backpack for a bargain price. This $35 bag will have you shining with plenty of pockets and something that you can have for daily use.

Kipling Challenger Backpack in Pink

This neon colored backpack will show off your bright personality with no issues while you have plenty of storage options and a bag that will let you rock it with your glam personality.

Ikat Canvas drawstring backpacks

This unique style will give you a great back that you can use to store your gym items or even school books when you are out and about. It really depends on what you are looking for. This cute blue and white canvas bag really shows off the hipster style.

River Island Backpack in Cosmic Print

Sometimes you want to feel like you are part of the galaxy, and river island will give you that chance. Each Cosmic Print bag has an information tag of what it pictures and there is plenty of space that you can store just about anything that you have.

H&M Faux Leather Backpack

Sometimes the biker in us has to come out and this is how you do it. You will be able to do more than just store your daily school items, you have a chance to really show off your style in this unique world. The leather look will let you have just about anything that you can dream in the various storage areas.

When it comes to style, having the most stylish backpack will keep you set for your daily life in and out of school.

Best Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Bagpacks

Deciding on Best Laptop Backpack for you

Vital Things to Think About Before Purchasing One

Laptops are some of the most popular electronics of today. Basically a portable computer, you are able to do a variety of different things with them on-the-go. Transporting them, however, can be a risky and sometimes uncomfortable endeavor as you attempt to get them from point A to point B. This is where most people bring in laptop cases – however these can be big and bulky and more like a giant briefcase than anything. Instead, investing in a laptop backpack can be a much slimmer, easy-to-carry, and comfortable alternative.  The below guide will help you choose the best laptop backpack.

When thinking about best laptop backpack for your laptop, there are many different variables to consider. They are several brands, makes, designs, and more that can determine your overall experience with the laptop backpack, and understanding which type can benefit you the most is the key to purchasing one.

Laptops are relatively expensive, regardless of what you actually paid for it. They are high-tech, and therefore cost a pretty penny out of your bank account. This being said, safeguarding your laptop from any potential damage is always a big deal for most laptop owners. With a laptop bag, you can be ensured the proper amount of protection both at home and on-the-go. Thankfully, there are over ten different options when it comes to your laptop bag, so it shouldn’t be too troubling to find one that suits your personal desires and needs.

Selecting one that protects your laptop to the best of its ability is the first step to finding a suitable laptop backpack, for without that, there is hardly any point to purchasing one in the first place. In addition to that, though, unless you want a blank, cushioned sleeve, there is a lot more to look for including a backpack that can hold all of the necessary items alongside your laptop as well as one that expresses your unique style.

Due to this, listed below are things to watch for when purchasing a laptop backpack so that you can get your money’s worth out of a fitting and long lasting product.

Everything Should Fit Comfortably

Comfortable laptop bag

Although bigger bags might be able to fit more into them, ensuring that your laptop is snug within its protector is necessary for maximum safety. When there is too big of a gap between the laptop and the backpack, you give it more room to slide around and potentially become damaged.

Instead, look for one that fits the dimensions of your laptop correctly, giving only a small space for movement, and additional room for any other accessories that tag along inside the laptop backpack. Furthermore, a laptop backpack that is too small can also damage the laptop, as you will have to force it inside every time you use it and everything will be crushed together.


Laptop bag safety

Laptop backpacks are all typically designed for protection, but some come with more than others. Take a look at what you do in your daily life and where your laptop travels with you, and take the necessary precautions against potential spills, falls, children, pets – anything applicable should be covered in the form of straps, pads, or even extra cushioning to reduce the risk of possible damage.


Laptop bag materials

All laptop backpacks are different – some can be pulled around on a set of wheels while others sling over your shoulder with ease, and just as they differ in these ways, they are also made from different materials. Finding ones that are sturdy and strong for their purpose is the key to purchasing one that will protect and aid your laptop in its journeys. Alternatively, look for leather, nylon, or whatever else depending on your own personal preferences.


Laptop Bags Design

Similar to the way your clothing expresses what you like, your laptop backpack should come with the flair and personality that suits you best. If you despise the color pink, you probably wouldn’t be seen toting around one that comes in a variety of pinkish shades. Instead, you might opt for a darker color or design. From patterns and textures to different materials, there are styles for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.


Laptop bags extra

A laptop backpack shouldn’t just be something that can hold things – it should do so efficiently and in a manner that benefits you to the highest extent. Extra pockets to keep cords, pens, paper, and other various accessories as well as adjustable and comfortable straps are just two different ways that a laptop backpack can be made into a more useful and usable item, and these should be watched for.

Additional Uses


To tie in with the usability of your laptop backpack, finding one that can carry all of the essential equipment you intend to bring along with you can be a serious part of picking out a specific design and layout.


Toting around something that is too heavy, scratchy or in any way uncomfortable can be an absolute drag. Consider how the laptop bag feels, how much weight it may carry, and even think about possibly getting one that has wheels and can be dragged along behind you for the maximum comfort possible.

Water Resilient

Spills and accidental water drops are always possible, as is rain and other bad weather conditions. Make sure that, should you foresee your backpack getting wet, to purchase one that is water resilient and can keep all of your investments inside free from potential damage.

Listed below are some of the leading laptop backpacks available for purchase and descriptions on what they do and how they can ultimately benefit you.

The North Face Surge


Perfect for multiple different uses, the North Face Surge laptop backpack mixes both unconventional and modern features. Complete with eight colors to choose from, the backpack contributes comfort alongside usability in an efficient and innovative way.

Considered to be one of the best laptop backpacks, it can hold up to a 15 inch laptop with additional pockets and sections for power cords, pens and pencils, phones, and other various accessories that might be tagging along. Each compartment is padded and stretchy to a reasonable extent to ensure the maximum safety of every item inside.

With a strong clasp and a medium between fashionable and casual, the North Face Surge layout is one that works in many different situations, and beats out most competing brands for its accessibility, uniqueness, and plethora of additions.

Tumi Laptop Brief


A three-in-one style laptop backpack, the Tumi Laptop Brief is one of the most fashionable and usable types of men’s best laptop backpacks. Carrying up to a 15-inch screen is only one of many perks which also include comfortable straps that can transform your backpack to a briefcase or a messenger bag.

Convert your bag into a briefcase and tote it with you to the airport where a special patch on the back will allow it to attach to your other bags with ease. Otherwise, if you want an option that doesn’t require holding the bag, even though it is specially designed to fit slimly in your fingers alongside other items, turn it into a messenger bag and snugly fit your laptop plus all of its accessories in the designated pockets and sleeves situated inside.

Although it is a bit pricey, every aspect of the Tumi Laptop Backpack makes the cost worth it. Where some laptop backpacks only contain a few features, the Tumi design goes above and beyond the others with it being convertible, versatile, and comfortable all in one.

Mission Workshop Sanction

Waterfield Designs Staad Laptop Backpack Review

Waterfield Designs Staad Laptop Backpack

Priced at $319 and $329 dollars respectively, the Staad Laptop Backpack from Waterfield Designs features a slim and stout fit, both of which feature tons of room for up to 15 inches of a laptop as well as additional accessories such as pens, phones, power cords, and other small objects.

Sustainable even in harsh weather conditions, this is also considered as a best laptop backpack and is perfect for any office or business setting. Coming in a black or tan base with a matching or chocolate colored flap, accessibility and modern design is enclosed perfectly within the high quality materials.

For anyone looking for something fashionable yet conserved, spacious and usable, the Staad Laptop Backpack is the perfect compartment for all your laptop traveling needs.

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack Review

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack Review


A flexible and efficient model, the Crossover by Thule combines trendiness with usability to create the perfect laptop backpack. Loaded up with different features you are previewed to a slim and easily mobile layout with a variety of compartments to keep any laptop accessories such as power cords, phones, pens, or other small items as well as sturdy materials that aid in supreme laptop protection. The overall quality of the product given it’s plethora of additions make it a renowned favorite.


Although the cons of the Crossover aren’t plentiful, some may be unhappy with the $130 cost, or the limited color selection. In addition to this, nylon is the only material applicable and individual compartments are not designed for fast access, but instead protection and coverage. The weight may also be a hindrance depending on how much you intend to carry within it, and all of these things should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.


The Crossover Backpack by Thule is one of strength and endurance. Full of comfort, protection, and style, it works for multiple uses and can maintain a sleek finish while still being spacious. Because of all of its features, this laptop backpack is the go-to choice for many.

Targus Drifter II Backpack Review

Targus Drifter II Backpack Review


Designed to hold laptops of up to 17 inches, the Targus Drifter II Backpack is the perfect laptop carrier when you’re looking for expert protection, tons of compartments including a secret one for items best not tossed in an easily accessible one, and sturdy, well-made materials.


Due to the large layout, smaller laptops would not be the right fit for the Targus’s sizing. In addition to this, despite the material being high quality and strong, it is not firm when a laptop is not inside, which could be a con when it comes to personal preference.


Perfect for anyone looking to safely carry their potentially larger scale laptop along with them, the Targus Drifter II Backpack is designed for quality, space, comfort, and protection all within a reasonable price range – the right fit for just about anyone.

Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Review

Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Review


Laid out to sustain more than just a laptop, the Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink is the backpack designated for holding everything you need, plus all of that extra stuff you want to bring along too. Water resilient and created with harsh weather conditions in mind, toting around your laptop has never been made as easy as now with the ability to cinch everything into a nice and compact space within high quality, protective, and sturdy material.


With a top-of-the-line backpack come high prices, and this might be the opposite of your budget. In addition to this, customization is not among this laptop backpack’s perks as it comes in a limited array of colors. Sometimes heavy unless packed correctly, it could pose as having too much weight and with spacious sections comes the idea of over-packing. Also, should you want to seal up your backpack, a lock must be bought extra and is not initially included.


If you’re in need of something that can carry your laptop, accessories, and even your shoes or other random gear – Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Laptop Backpack is the exact fit for you. Complete with high endurance, it is wonderful for all types of encounters and activities and can bring along just about anything, which makes it one of the most appreciated laptop backpacks. It’s time for you to choose the Best Laptop Backpack.

Kelty Flyway backpack review

I tend to travel a lot and when this happens, I notice that most of the time my backpack ends up worse for wear, and then I am out of money. I fly a lot as well, so when I am looking for a backpack, I want something that I can use as a carry on. I had never been so glad to find a backpack that is literally an all-in-one. Although it may be standard size, it works perfect because I store dirty clothes and shoes in one compartment, and there’s a place where you can put your straps when your bag is being checked. It fits everything you need for a good weekend away and there is even a padded sleeve for your laptop which makes it easy to remove during security checks. I use this pack for everyday and travel.

When it comes to traveling, I am normally running late and scrambling to make my flight. The top zippered pocket is great for any travel documents, your plane tickets, and since there is a sleeve for your laptop, security checks are a breeze. There is even a passport pocket which as a velcro strap, I find it to be a great feature as well as the center handle having a velcro strap.

The whole frame is basically padded, so it is very comfortable to wear and it is easily balanced to carry while your in the airport. If you happen to be going to a tropical paradise, then the whole backpack is vented. Since it is only 22 inches long, it is a perfect carry on bag, but if you plan to check it , there is an attached rain fly that can be placed on upside down to cover your straps. The rain cover is great if you are going to a country during rainy season, because there is a rain cover that will keep the bag dry, and it fits over it in just seconds. The wet pocket that is at the bottom of the bag was a great added feature, especially if you plan to swim while your hiking, because it doesn’t leak. The main compartment has a mesh pocket for your needed items, the outside zippered pockets are great for random objects, and the mesh pockets for water bottles is a perfect feature. Let’s talk about the Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Comes in three colors ( blue, tan, and black)
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Built-in rain fly
  • Easy for air travel
  • Wet pocket that doesn’t leak
  • Straps are super comfortable
  • Not bulky at all


  • It can be a bit heavy when empty

The Kelty Flyway backpack is amazing and I would recommend it to just about anyone who travels as much as I do. It is easy to pack, and it is comfortable if you have to wear it for long periods of time. Even when you aren’t traveling, this backpack is great for everyday use.

Best backpacks for college

College students really know just how much stuff has to be carried around the campus during a normal day. You have all the heavy books, various notebooks, snacks, laptops, and plenty of writing tools.  It’s very different to picking the best travel backpack or the best laptop backpack.  Many college students feel like a pack horse toting all the needed items around, and the solution to not feeling like your carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? You have to invest in a great, fully functional and high quality backpack that will get you through plenty of semesters while you are in college or even when you are on breaks.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

This unique “S” shaped shoulder straps keep comfort in mind with a unique ergonomic lightweight feel. These straps are so comfy, that even with the heaviest load, it is still easy to carry around, and there isn’t any of that chafing from those really super thing straps, which can cause tension on your back and shoulders. This backpack can carry a decent sized laptop and with the high quality materials, there isn’t any rubbing on the plastic. You can carry around plenty of books without a lot of effort.

EuroSport B721 WWII Canvas Travel Backpack Bag

This stylish backpack will give you a blast into the past when you look like a modern day hipster. This bag is pretty unique especially when it comes to the design. You will be able to look like a WWII traveler. The Faux leather straps and brass clasps make it even more authentic looking, but it is reliable and very convenient. The straps are filled with foam to make it more comfortable for you. There is extra reliability for this bag, so safety of your items isn’t an issue.

The North Face Surge II backpack

This is the perfect bag for those who are in college. It is very durable and it has plenty of storage for its size. It is gender neutral, so it doesn’t matter who has this bag. What people tend to love about this one is that, even if it falls or gets kicked around, there is plenty of padding that will help to protect your stuff. You can fit three large books, a laptop and even a jacket as well as a few snacks and still feel as if your aren’t carrying anything at all.


When it comes down to having the right backpack for college, comfort and space is what it is all about. You need to have the right amount of space without all the hassles.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack: All that you’ll ever need 

This bag is not only durable, but also waterproof. With excellent storage options, this professional looking messenger bag also has a studded laptop compartment which is TSA-compliant. The fantastic materials used for this bag are more waterproof and more durable than those of the Patagonia Half Mass. Also, the storage area for smaller items is excellent. When it comes to storing larger items and its TSA–compliant design, the Command is much better suited for frequent flyers.

The Pros

As previously stated the Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack is:

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Professional Looking
  • Has Great Storage Options
  • TSA-compliant Studded Laptop Compartment

Even when you are caught in an unexpected downpour, the nylon (called durable ballistic) has a waterproof PTU coating, the Command will give you excellent results. Not only do the materials used for this bag look good, it is more waterproof than other multi-purpose messenger bags, like the Patagonia Half Mass. Also, the Command’s main interior will hold up to 21 L; this is a perfect capacity for your daily use.

This bag is preferable over the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger because of the following reasons:

  • The Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack provides greater storage area for medium and small sized items.
  • The finer weave of the strap makes it better looking and more comfortable for everyday use.
  • You can move through security at the airport swiftly because of the TSA-compliant laptop compartment. This compartment can be separated from the main interior, which, in the case of a spill, is a real bonus.
  • The Command simply has the look and feel of a more professional bag than the Classic Messenger
  • An important difference between the designs of the straps is quite evident. The strap of the Command has been oriented to be comfortable when walking, and is mostly vertical, whereas the strap of the Classic Messenger has been placed at a more greater angle in order to make it more useful when biking.

The Cons

The only feature that we consider unfortunate with the Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack is the metal buckles, which are anodized and used to adjust and secure the main cover flap. These buckles do have a more aesthetic appearance than plastic buckles, however, they are considerably harder to use; it takes two hands. We have found that the Timbuk 2’s “memory-adjust True-Fit” cam buckle is basically useless. The company states you are able to “unclick the cam, put the bag over your shoulder, and lock the cam back in for a perfect fit every time” ; unfortunately we will have to disagree with this statement. When the bag is heavy, it is quite difficult to use this buckle, and quite frankly, the time and effort are not worth it. We found the adjustment system of the strap on the Mission Workshop Rummy to be significantly better. Timbuk2 might want to consider taking a few lessons from them. It should be noted that the Command is equipped with a storage interior design that is modular, which allows you to secure and unsecure different pockets, compartments, and slots, to the inside of the bag. When tested by our staff, they all agreed that this was not useful. The storage of this bag is adequate just the way it is. But this is it not too annoying, because the inside loops do not appear to effect the daily use of this bag.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack1

Even with these few minor problems, the Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack is an excellent multi-purpose messenger bag and can be used for the office, walking, or for those who simply travel a lot by air.  Make sure you use a coupon code at to save some money.  Timbuk2 coupons can be found here.

Compare to the best laptop backpacks.

Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Backpack


Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Backpack: It’s more than just a messenger bag!

The top handle makes this bag extremely suitable for travel. It also has a laptop sleeve in the rear that is TSA friendly; this is a great asset to the bag. A quick look at how it works reveals a zippered sleeve that allows it to lie flat when the bag rests on its back. There is a padded pocket with a diamond–print design, where you can simply slide your laptop in. The bag is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The medium sized bag, is just able to handle a 17 inch MacBook. You can secure it along with two large external hard drives with the use of Velcro straps, and when your bag passes through the x-ray machine, all of your gear will remain together just like you left it. This is an extremely convenient feature as you will not be trying to stuff your laptop back into a full bag; that can be quite frustrating. Being able to get to your iPad or laptop without the inconvenience of digging through the main compartment saves time, and is convenient whether traveling or not.

Special features

Because the laptop sleeve has been placed at the rear of the bag, Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Backpack has the refreshing side effect of keeping the contents of the bag properly aligned. As the inflexible laptop is sitting against your back, it automatically pushes the interior pockets’ contents forward. This prevents the bag from resting at an awkward angle, even when it has been tightly packed. I did have some concerned about the pressure I might be putting on my laptop if I put too many books inside. However, all sides of the space have plenty of padding and for this I was thankful. In order to secure the bag to your wheeled luggage, there is a Velcro-enclosed pass-through around the exterior of this section.

Is the strap comfortable?

It appears to me that this strap layout would be uncomfortable; but that proves to be deceptive. Many messenger bags, as an example, the Chrome’s Buran, are using an asymmetrical strap, which includes extra padding for placement over your clavicle and bears the entire load. The strap on the Commute bag is symmetrical, except for the adjusting clip. Within this system, the weight is somehow distributed so evenly that even when the bag is loaded heavily, it still never feels as though it is boring into your shoulders.

Of course, even with this minor situation, overall, Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Backpack is exceptional. If you are a true cyclist, I would point you in the direction of other models within the Timbuk2 line-up; however, for the majority of users the Commute will satisfy all of your daily needs. The bag is very reasonably priced, especially when you consider the quality of the materials and the fact that a lifetime warranty is included.


The majority of bags with this design use plastic buckles or sew the strap directly to the exterior. You never hear that plastic-on-plastic creaking sound usually heard with other bags; with the Commute’s buckles, which appear and feel as though they were real metal. The pieces that join the buckles allow them to rotate; in this way it is easy to keep straps from getting twisted. There is one small issue with the way the adjustment clamp is set up. The Commute shortens the fabric of the strap at the top, not at the bottom, like a Mission Workshop messenger bag, which seems to be a smarter way of doing things. When you put the bag on, you will have to fight the friction caused as the shifting fabric moves across your shoulder when you tighten the strap. Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Backpack is the right choice for you.


Timbuk2 is not a budget brand, they’re great quality that will last you a very long time.  Try my timbuk2 coupons page to see if you can get a discount.

Compare to the best laptop backpacks.

Osprey Farpoint Backpack review

Osprey Farpoint Backpack review

This is a unique travel pack with a detachable day pack, the Osprey Farpoint has a taller yet slimmer design that is actually a lot easier to carry than the normal travel packs that tend to be quite bulky. The whole frame for this travel pack will successfully transfer the weight to an extra soft padded hip belt, which makes it easier to carry when the 55 liter backpack is filled to the hilt. It is great because it can go from being a great travel pack, to an every day bag that has multiple uses when you are traveling.

There are plenty of convenient features that can help with making your travels so much easier. Even though, there are no external pockets, the detachable day pack can either clip to the front shoulder straps, or zip it to the back of the travel pack. This happens to be one of the best features of the whole thing. When you are traveling and you don’t want to constantly carry around a bulky backpack, you can take the smaller one with you. Although, if you plan to fly, it doesn’t actually work as a carry on and it has to be checked.

What I found to be another awesome feature, instead of being ramrod straight against my back, is that it actually mimics the shape of your back. If you tend to travel a lot, no one wants to have that stiff turtle shell. The fact that it allowed me to have complete movement while I had it on was great. It was all around comfortable.

The awesome zip up flap makes it easy to conceal the shoulder and hip straps to protect them when not in use. The other cool thing is that it has lockable zippers. The hip belt has an ergo pull buckle that allows you to tighten it by pulling towards your belly button instead of towards your hips. That makes it a lot easier to tighten or loosen when compared to other travel packs.

When you are front loading, the panel almost unzips all the way down making it easy to grab what you need, or to pack everything away. The built in compression packs also help to keep everything in place when you don’t need it and the cinch straps on the bottom help to keep it in place as well. Now lets get on to the Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Great durability
  • Easy to pack and unpack
  • Detachable day pack
  • Comfortable straps


  • A bit big to be considered a carry on for flights
  • Stands over a foot out when fully packed from you back

The truth is, this backpack is great for those who need something for backpacking trips, to overnight stays. It will keep everything where it needs to be, as well as being completely adjustable. Although there aren’t any external pockets, you can pack everything you need and then some. I would highly recommend this backpack to anyone who needs a durable, yet comfortable travel backpack.

Cool backpacks for men

Backpacks are the greatest invention, especially for men. When it comes down to it, a duffel bag can get way too heavy, a briefcase is more for your nerd style, and a messenger bag can really dig into your sides and of course purses happen to be a girl thing. A backpack will leave your hands free, and you can pack anything you need in there, whether it be for a day out with the kids, if its going to work, or if you happen to still be in school, a backpack will be your go to thing for your day to day life.  Also check out our cool backpacks and the best backpacks for college.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

This unique backpack will show you what it is like to be the stylish guy in the office. You can use this for daily life or just to add a bit of laid back quality to your working life. The simple print will match just about anything and you have a chance to shine even if you are just packing diapers and whatnot in there.


These backs will give you a bit of a grunge feel, but they tend to have plenty of storage for your daily on the go type of life. You can pack just about anything in there and still look like the person you want to be normally.

Adidas Originals

This backpack is perfect for the student constantly on the go or the dad who has way too many play dates to keep up with. There is so much space that you can literally pack 2 days of items and still have just enough room for another day. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a travel phase or if you are using this to house all your work items, the classic design will match just about anything.

Saint Laurent

This faux leather bag will certainly add to your work appeal when everyone is showing up with a briefcase and you pull out this bad boy. There are plenty of storage options for this one and you even have a chance to show the world how much it actually holds. The buckle flaps will keep everything inside securely and since there is a lot of storage, you have plenty to really work with.

Backpacks are certainly in and now it is up to you to take your knowledge of your style and apply it to the awesomeness that you carry around in your life.