Best backpacks for college

College students really know just how much stuff has to be carried around the campus during a normal day. You have all the heavy books, various notebooks, snacks, laptops, and plenty of writing tools.  It’s very different to picking the best travel backpack or the best laptop backpack.  Many college students feel like a pack horse toting all the needed items around, and the solution to not feeling like your carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? You have to invest in a great, fully functional and high quality backpack that will get you through plenty of semesters while you are in college or even when you are on breaks.

JanSport Big Student Backpack

This unique “S” shaped shoulder straps keep comfort in mind with a unique ergonomic lightweight feel. These straps are so comfy, that even with the heaviest load, it is still easy to carry around, and there isn’t any of that chafing from those really super thing straps, which can cause tension on your back and shoulders. This backpack can carry a decent sized laptop and with the high quality materials, there isn’t any rubbing on the plastic. You can carry around plenty of books without a lot of effort.

EuroSport B721 WWII Canvas Travel Backpack Bag

This stylish backpack will give you a blast into the past when you look like a modern day hipster. This bag is pretty unique especially when it comes to the design. You will be able to look like a WWII traveler. The Faux leather straps and brass clasps make it even more authentic looking, but it is reliable and very convenient. The straps are filled with foam to make it more comfortable for you. There is extra reliability for this bag, so safety of your items isn’t an issue.

The North Face Surge II backpack

This is the perfect bag for those who are in college. It is very durable and it has plenty of storage for its size. It is gender neutral, so it doesn’t matter who has this bag. What people tend to love about this one is that, even if it falls or gets kicked around, there is plenty of padding that will help to protect your stuff. You can fit three large books, a laptop and even a jacket as well as a few snacks and still feel as if your aren’t carrying anything at all.


When it comes down to having the right backpack for college, comfort and space is what it is all about. You need to have the right amount of space without all the hassles.