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Best Laptop Bagpacks

Deciding on Best Laptop Backpack for you

Vital Things to Think About Before Purchasing One

Laptops are some of the most popular electronics of today. Basically a portable computer, you are able to do a variety of different things with them on-the-go. Transporting them, however, can be a risky and sometimes uncomfortable endeavor as you attempt to get them from point A to point B. This is where most people bring in laptop cases – however these can be big and bulky and more like a giant briefcase than anything. Instead, investing in a laptop backpack can be a much slimmer, easy-to-carry, and comfortable alternative.  The below guide will help you choose the best laptop backpack.

When thinking about best laptop backpack for your laptop, there are many different variables to consider. They are several brands, makes, designs, and more that can determine your overall experience with the laptop backpack, and understanding which type can benefit you the most is the key to purchasing one.

Laptops are relatively expensive, regardless of what you actually paid for it. They are high-tech, and therefore cost a pretty penny out of your bank account. This being said, safeguarding your laptop from any potential damage is always a big deal for most laptop owners. With a laptop bag, you can be ensured the proper amount of protection both at home and on-the-go. Thankfully, there are over ten different options when it comes to your laptop bag, so it shouldn’t be too troubling to find one that suits your personal desires and needs.

Selecting one that protects your laptop to the best of its ability is the first step to finding a suitable laptop backpack, for without that, there is hardly any point to purchasing one in the first place. In addition to that, though, unless you want a blank, cushioned sleeve, there is a lot more to look for including a backpack that can hold all of the necessary items alongside your laptop as well as one that expresses your unique style.

Due to this, listed below are things to watch for when purchasing a laptop backpack so that you can get your money’s worth out of a fitting and long lasting product.

Everything Should Fit Comfortably

Comfortable laptop bag

Although bigger bags might be able to fit more into them, ensuring that your laptop is snug within its protector is necessary for maximum safety. When there is too big of a gap between the laptop and the backpack, you give it more room to slide around and potentially become damaged.

Instead, look for one that fits the dimensions of your laptop correctly, giving only a small space for movement, and additional room for any other accessories that tag along inside the laptop backpack. Furthermore, a laptop backpack that is too small can also damage the laptop, as you will have to force it inside every time you use it and everything will be crushed together.


Laptop bag safety

Laptop backpacks are all typically designed for protection, but some come with more than others. Take a look at what you do in your daily life and where your laptop travels with you, and take the necessary precautions against potential spills, falls, children, pets – anything applicable should be covered in the form of straps, pads, or even extra cushioning to reduce the risk of possible damage.


Laptop bag materials

All laptop backpacks are different – some can be pulled around on a set of wheels while others sling over your shoulder with ease, and just as they differ in these ways, they are also made from different materials. Finding ones that are sturdy and strong for their purpose is the key to purchasing one that will protect and aid your laptop in its journeys. Alternatively, look for leather, nylon, or whatever else depending on your own personal preferences.


Laptop Bags Design

Similar to the way your clothing expresses what you like, your laptop backpack should come with the flair and personality that suits you best. If you despise the color pink, you probably wouldn’t be seen toting around one that comes in a variety of pinkish shades. Instead, you might opt for a darker color or design. From patterns and textures to different materials, there are styles for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.


Laptop bags extra

A laptop backpack shouldn’t just be something that can hold things – it should do so efficiently and in a manner that benefits you to the highest extent. Extra pockets to keep cords, pens, paper, and other various accessories as well as adjustable and comfortable straps are just two different ways that a laptop backpack can be made into a more useful and usable item, and these should be watched for.

Additional Uses


To tie in with the usability of your laptop backpack, finding one that can carry all of the essential equipment you intend to bring along with you can be a serious part of picking out a specific design and layout.


Toting around something that is too heavy, scratchy or in any way uncomfortable can be an absolute drag. Consider how the laptop bag feels, how much weight it may carry, and even think about possibly getting one that has wheels and can be dragged along behind you for the maximum comfort possible.

Water Resilient

Spills and accidental water drops are always possible, as is rain and other bad weather conditions. Make sure that, should you foresee your backpack getting wet, to purchase one that is water resilient and can keep all of your investments inside free from potential damage.

Listed below are some of the leading laptop backpacks available for purchase and descriptions on what they do and how they can ultimately benefit you.

The North Face Surge


Perfect for multiple different uses, the North Face Surge laptop backpack mixes both unconventional and modern features. Complete with eight colors to choose from, the backpack contributes comfort alongside usability in an efficient and innovative way.

Considered to be one of the best laptop backpacks, it can hold up to a 15 inch laptop with additional pockets and sections for power cords, pens and pencils, phones, and other various accessories that might be tagging along. Each compartment is padded and stretchy to a reasonable extent to ensure the maximum safety of every item inside.

With a strong clasp and a medium between fashionable and casual, the North Face Surge layout is one that works in many different situations, and beats out most competing brands for its accessibility, uniqueness, and plethora of additions.

Tumi Laptop Brief


A three-in-one style laptop backpack, the Tumi Laptop Brief is one of the most fashionable and usable types of men’s best laptop backpacks. Carrying up to a 15-inch screen is only one of many perks which also include comfortable straps that can transform your backpack to a briefcase or a messenger bag.

Convert your bag into a briefcase and tote it with you to the airport where a special patch on the back will allow it to attach to your other bags with ease. Otherwise, if you want an option that doesn’t require holding the bag, even though it is specially designed to fit slimly in your fingers alongside other items, turn it into a messenger bag and snugly fit your laptop plus all of its accessories in the designated pockets and sleeves situated inside.

Although it is a bit pricey, every aspect of the Tumi Laptop Backpack makes the cost worth it. Where some laptop backpacks only contain a few features, the Tumi design goes above and beyond the others with it being convertible, versatile, and comfortable all in one.

Mission Workshop Sanction

Waterfield Designs Staad Laptop Backpack Review

Waterfield Designs Staad Laptop Backpack

Priced at $319 and $329 dollars respectively, the Staad Laptop Backpack from Waterfield Designs features a slim and stout fit, both of which feature tons of room for up to 15 inches of a laptop as well as additional accessories such as pens, phones, power cords, and other small objects.

Sustainable even in harsh weather conditions, this is also considered as a best laptop backpack and is perfect for any office or business setting. Coming in a black or tan base with a matching or chocolate colored flap, accessibility and modern design is enclosed perfectly within the high quality materials.

For anyone looking for something fashionable yet conserved, spacious and usable, the Staad Laptop Backpack is the perfect compartment for all your laptop traveling needs.

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack Review

Thule Crossover 32L Backpack Review


A flexible and efficient model, the Crossover by Thule combines trendiness with usability to create the perfect laptop backpack. Loaded up with different features you are previewed to a slim and easily mobile layout with a variety of compartments to keep any laptop accessories such as power cords, phones, pens, or other small items as well as sturdy materials that aid in supreme laptop protection. The overall quality of the product given it’s plethora of additions make it a renowned favorite.


Although the cons of the Crossover aren’t plentiful, some may be unhappy with the $130 cost, or the limited color selection. In addition to this, nylon is the only material applicable and individual compartments are not designed for fast access, but instead protection and coverage. The weight may also be a hindrance depending on how much you intend to carry within it, and all of these things should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.


The Crossover Backpack by Thule is one of strength and endurance. Full of comfort, protection, and style, it works for multiple uses and can maintain a sleek finish while still being spacious. Because of all of its features, this laptop backpack is the go-to choice for many.

Targus Drifter II Backpack Review

Targus Drifter II Backpack Review


Designed to hold laptops of up to 17 inches, the Targus Drifter II Backpack is the perfect laptop carrier when you’re looking for expert protection, tons of compartments including a secret one for items best not tossed in an easily accessible one, and sturdy, well-made materials.


Due to the large layout, smaller laptops would not be the right fit for the Targus’s sizing. In addition to this, despite the material being high quality and strong, it is not firm when a laptop is not inside, which could be a con when it comes to personal preference.


Perfect for anyone looking to safely carry their potentially larger scale laptop along with them, the Targus Drifter II Backpack is designed for quality, space, comfort, and protection all within a reasonable price range – the right fit for just about anyone.

Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Review

Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Review


Laid out to sustain more than just a laptop, the Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink is the backpack designated for holding everything you need, plus all of that extra stuff you want to bring along too. Water resilient and created with harsh weather conditions in mind, toting around your laptop has never been made as easy as now with the ability to cinch everything into a nice and compact space within high quality, protective, and sturdy material.


With a top-of-the-line backpack come high prices, and this might be the opposite of your budget. In addition to this, customization is not among this laptop backpack’s perks as it comes in a limited array of colors. Sometimes heavy unless packed correctly, it could pose as having too much weight and with spacious sections comes the idea of over-packing. Also, should you want to seal up your backpack, a lock must be bought extra and is not initially included.


If you’re in need of something that can carry your laptop, accessories, and even your shoes or other random gear – Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Laptop Backpack is the exact fit for you. Complete with high endurance, it is wonderful for all types of encounters and activities and can bring along just about anything, which makes it one of the most appreciated laptop backpacks. It’s time for you to choose the Best Laptop Backpack.