Cool backpacks for men

Backpacks are the greatest invention, especially for men. When it comes down to it, a duffel bag can get way too heavy, a briefcase is more for your nerd style, and a messenger bag can really dig into your sides and of course purses happen to be a girl thing. A backpack will leave your hands free, and you can pack anything you need in there, whether it be for a day out with the kids, if its going to work, or if you happen to still be in school, a backpack will be your go to thing for your day to day life.  Also check out our cool backpacks and the best backpacks for college.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

This unique backpack will show you what it is like to be the stylish guy in the office. You can use this for daily life or just to add a bit of laid back quality to your working life. The simple print will match just about anything and you have a chance to shine even if you are just packing diapers and whatnot in there.


These backs will give you a bit of a grunge feel, but they tend to have plenty of storage for your daily on the go type of life. You can pack just about anything in there and still look like the person you want to be normally.

Adidas Originals

This backpack is perfect for the student constantly on the go or the dad who has way too many play dates to keep up with. There is so much space that you can literally pack 2 days of items and still have just enough room for another day. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a travel phase or if you are using this to house all your work items, the classic design will match just about anything.

Saint Laurent

This faux leather bag will certainly add to your work appeal when everyone is showing up with a briefcase and you pull out this bad boy. There are plenty of storage options for this one and you even have a chance to show the world how much it actually holds. The buckle flaps will keep everything inside securely and since there is a lot of storage, you have plenty to really work with.

Backpacks are certainly in and now it is up to you to take your knowledge of your style and apply it to the awesomeness that you carry around in your life.